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Don’t ever think it’s to late to do newborn pictures, this is Evynne Autumn and she is three months old and she rocked it! I allow plenty of time to get these sleepy pictures and its well worth the effort. Check out my babies first year package its affordable and allows you to capture the newborn, 6 month and 1 year millstones.

Hello and welcome to my first Blog post. It’s also a very special one
for me, as its about my baby sister.  This is their engagement photo session I did at the park. I asked her to tell us how her and Stephen met and became engaged and here is how it happened. Carly’s blue necklace is from the very talented Carrara Bling you can find her on Facebook she is a local jewelry maker from Vanderhoof. Big bold pieces like this really make your outfits come together.

Stephen and I met many years ago in elementary school at North Nechacko. In fourth grade I had the biggest crush on him but he was way more interested in sports and biking. I even went as far to carve SB + CH into a tree. Eventually Stephen stopped going to my school and we lost touch. Years later I wound up with his email after taking swim lessons with his brother. He ended up at PGSS where I was, and we ended up sitting together in grade 12 biology. From there I got up the nerve to invite him to the prom, which he said yes and that’s where it all began.

5 years later we were discussing the idea of marriage and Stephen wanting to buy a house. We had looked at rings and houses. Sunday June the 2nd he told me we had plans to look at one particular house he loved that I hadn’t seen, as well as a few others. We looked at the house and I knew that I loved it too. While in the backyard I saw my dad walking up to the house, followed by my mom, my sister Charla and my sister-in-law Darlene. In the back of my mind I thought this might be the moment, but I was so confused. Next thing I knew everyone was surrounding us and I saw Stephen fumbling with the ring box. He then got down on his knee and told me he had already bought this house and wanted for it to be our house, then asked me to marry him! I said “of course!” Now I’m looking forward to the big day July 24th so I can marry my best friend and the love of my life.


Hi, I’m Charla Marie!  I specialize in Newborn and Children’s Photography but after you have a look around my site you will see I love to photograph almost everything.  My photographic style is relaxed and natural with a bit of vintage and eclectic feel.  If you can’t resist contact me to book your own newborn or portrait session.  I’m located in Prince George BC but I will go where the wind takes me.