Monthly Archives: August 2013

These two look like paid models but I assure you they are not but they are a very stunning young couple and very sweet I must say.  I’m very excited to Photograph their upcoming wedding on August 31st of this month. We headed out to a local farm last Friday night and it was very dark and overcast with a light drizzle.  Then the  SUN then appeared for a very short time,  and I managed to get some very pretty pictures of the two of them .  We ended up finishing the shoot in the rain and a Rainbow appeared for out last picture, I think this is good luck! I hope you guys love your pictures.

My sister has been bugging me for weeks for her picture and I’m finally done, I hope you love them!  Of course this is just a few of many. The beautiful ring shot was done by my friend/assistant Tamara Bullock, thanks for all your help Tamara.  I wish you guys lots of love and happiness for many years to come. 

Ella Nevaeh turns 1 on September 3rd.  Ella traveled all the way from  Fraser Lake her adorable cake was made by her MOM Jennifer 🙂